2017-18 #PABudget Information
The House Republican Budget; Putting People First

The “Putting People First” revenue package is a fiscally responsible plan which encompasses the core Republican principle of standing up for taxpayers. The House Republican plan puts the hard-working people of Pennsylvania first by respecting their money and their fiscal security.

The plan includes revenues to fund the governor’s $1.5 billion deficit from 2016-17, as well as the anticipated revenue needed for the current budget of approximately $600 million.

How We Do It…
The main revenue streams of the Putting People First Budget include:
  • $20 million from legislative reserve accounts.
  • $1 billion lump sum by selling a portion of the Tobacco Settlement Fund.
  • $630 million in Special Fund Transfers (selecting only funds with excess or dormant monies).
  • $400 million in multi-year agency lapsed funds.
  • $225 million from gaming reform proceeds.
  • $50 million in additional Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board transfers (which will go along with future reforms).
  • $200 million from the Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association transfer.
  • $100 million loan from the Underground Storage Tank Indemnity Fund.
  • $15 million transfer from the Commonwealth Financing Authority – New Venture Account.
The Putting People First Budget potentially saves taxpayer dollars in the long run and keeps government operating and schools open.

This fiscally responsible package Puts People First and does not call for a tax increase on hard-working Pennsylvanians or borrowing one single dollar.

Highlights of General Fund Spending Plan

- Funds Pennsylvania's priorities.
- Increases spending by just 0.2 percent, well below the rate of inflation.
- Core functions of the Pennsylvania government are covered, while successfully restraining additional spending at under $200 million. This was accomplished while facing significant increases in mandated spending (such as pensions, health care and human services).
- Thanks to early actions in the House budget plan that passed on April 4, this final budget plan saves taxpayers hundreds of millions in wasted government spending.

Shrinking the Size of State Government
- The Department of Human Services and the Department of Health will be merged into one.
- Also, the Department of Corrections will also be merged with Probation and Parole.
- These mergers wil help to eliminate government redundancies while still allowing these important state agencies to continue in their individual missions.

The Spending Breakdown

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Education Funding
This budget includes the highest levels of school funding in Pennsylvania's history.

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- Increases basic education funding through the Fair Funding Formula by $100 million to $5.995 billion.
- Increases early childhood funding (Pre-K Counts and Head Start) by $30 million to $226.5 million.
- Restores Gov. Wolf's harmful pupil transportation cut to school districts.
- Increases special education funding by $25 million to $1.122 billion.
- Sets a record high amount of PreK-12 funding at $11.86 billion. This means that the Republican-led legislatures will have increased Pre-K education by $1 billion over two years.
- Maintains support for Pennsylvania's state-related universities at current levels, and the State System of Higher Education will receive an increase of nearly $9 million.

The Specifics
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